Steven and Kari Jo Shephard

This week’s praises:

  • Kari Jo’s first week in the literacy program was a success!
  • Our children celebrated the reunion with two of their great friends.
  • The school year begins for our children this Thursday for which they are very excited.  Please pray for them!

Please join us in praying for some of our friends:

  • Cecilia – We met this special woman in 2011 through ministry efforts aimed at widows within our church.  She recently lost a daughter in a car accident.   Please pray for her health, for her strength, for finances sufficient to support her remaining children and for her faith to be an example to many.
  • Daniel – This outgoing man quickly became a friend of Steven’s last term.  He has recently lost his job.  Please pray for Daniel, his wife and the children under their care.  Pray for God’s peace, for the family’s immediate needs to be met, and for a new job opportunity to present itself – even one that may increase income for him.
  • Jummai – We first met Jummai through our Hausa language training course early in our first term.  She works in ministry teaching languages and the funding has evaporated.  She continues to work without a salary.  Pray for her to be able to care for herself and her children and for the ministry to be able to find new donors to enable it to continue fully.

Serving with SIM – Nigeria

Steven and Kari Jo Shephard

Praise God with us:
1. R@mad@n has come to an end without any trouble in Jos. (Some may remember this has been a troublesome time in our city in the past)
2.  We have adjusted time zones and cultures quickly!
3. Our house is pretty much set up now
4. The boys are loving living here again and say “it feels like we never left!” They are out playing with their Nigerian friends often.
5. No one has been sick!!

Please join us in praying:
* Steven begins hospital work this week. Pray for him as he switches back to Nigerian-style medicine and surgery. Pray for him also as he figures out how to arrange his schedule in the hospital/clinics this term and that he could maintain an appropriate margin.

* Pray for Steven’s partner in VVF, Dr. Sunday Lengmang, who is in another state until next week helping another VVF hospital with their complicated patients. Pray also for Dr. Lengmang’s family back in Jos.

* Many of the patients we encounter in VVF are from non-believing backgrounds. Pray for God to open their eyes and hearts to see Truth!

* Kari Jo is busy planning out her fitness/nutrition ministries and literacy programs for VVF women. She is also being asked to consider some other jobs. Pray for wisdom for her as she figures out how much time each will take and how much time to leave open for spontaneous ministry opportunities and family needs.

Serving with SIM – Nigeria

Jim and Carolyn Fasold

Praises and Prayers:

  • Carolyn and I celebrated 50 years of marriage on June 19. Our hearts are full of love for each other and gratefulness to the Lord for the years we have had together.
  • The Hermeneutics book is finished. This book will not only find its way all over Spain, but into many corners of Central and South America where we will never see what it accomplishes. Please pray that this will have a great impact on many.

Serving with Greater Europe Mission – Spain


Prayer Requests

  • For God to use the current national events and political climate in Turkey for His glory.
  • For a smooth transition in securing residence permits.
  • For God to provide a good apartment and neighborhood for us and that we would use it to be a blessing to others.
  • Pray for our Turkish to come back quickly and continue to grow.
  • Pray our children during the transition. Pray also that we would find a good option for their educational needs.
  • Pray most of all that we would grow in loving our family, our team and Turks the way Jesus loves us.

Serving with Cru

David and Vanessa Maynard


  • Our water system is terrible. We haven’t had running water for months now. We collect what rainwater we can in buckets and we use the river water for flushing toilets (it isn’t very sanitary), but it sure is hard for our family of 5 to do much with very little water. Pray that we find a solution to this problem! (The whole village is having water issues as well)
  • Both our partners will be out of the village for some time in the States and the church here will again have no one to teach them. Pray that the believer’s continue to meet and grow without having to depend heavily on the missionaries.
  • For our whole family to grow in our understanding of the language and culture so we can build better relationships with the Isnag people.

Serving with New Tribes Mission – Philippines

Tom and Linda Panci


  •  Blessed to be in many church services, a missions conference, Sunday school classes and personal visits of all sorts. Add in the 120 year celebration of life between my twin brother, John, and myself, that was the icing on the cake.
  • For divine encounters provided.Valuable connections for and promotion of opportunities to serve the Lord were handed to us on a silver platter. We pray for good follow-up on these future ministry possibilities.
  • YWAM Publishing in the USA is in the process of editing Linda’s autobiography at this time. We hope that it will come out sometime this summer.


  • I am off to Paris from July 20th through August 2nd for two weeks of evangelism in Paris. Do pray for our team to have good contacts with those we meet.
  • Linda has been able to totally stop her medication for Crohn’s Disease. Although she has made some progress against her ongoing headaches she had a setback last week with a bad migraine. Please continue to pray for her.

Serving with Youth with a Mission – Switzerland


Sue Bauerle


  • For continued good Skype connections so that I can talk with Daniel each week.
  • For Guinea that Ebola would be completely eradicated and that there would be peace as presidential elections are planned before the end of the year.
  • Praise God that I ended the month of May without a financial deficit. Pray that God will continue to supply in the coming months.
  • It’s been very hot and humid here the past few weeks. Pray for me as I don’t tolerate the heat very well anymore.

Serving with Serving in Mission – Guinea

Steven and Kari Jo Shephard

We made it safe to Nigeria without any snags on our trip and our luggage made it with us. We were greeted by so many who are our friends here.

* For adjustment to the different time zone and Nigerian life.

* For protection from illnesses/infections as our bodies adjust.

* For our parents who have made it through the hard part of sending us off and adjust again to the distance between us. Pray for God’s peace to cover them throughout this term in Nigeria.

Serving with Serving in Mission – Nigeria

Gordon Decker


I will travel to Goa, India, where I will meet up with the ISI staff for our annual ministry conference. Purpose is to better equip our staff and volunteers to reach the thousands of Indian students coming to study at universities across the US.

Serving with International Students, Inc – Colorado Springs, CO

Mike and Sandy Lynch


  • It was truly a blessing to be able to see Kristen graduate and enjoyed our time with Christopher.
  • Praises that Aunt Black and Noi have been able to help with the bible lessons.
  • Praise the Lord for being able to celebrate 25 years of marriage.


  • For Sandy’s language helpers for their availability, their health, our friendships with them, and for their understanding of God to grow.
  • For wisdom, discernment, time and helpers for us as we develop a series of Bible lessons in the Phu Thai language.
  • For Aunt Black and Noi’s health, relationships, and understanding of the truths of God’s Word.
  • For Ric, Sharon, Rye and their baby to be, Eva. Pray for a healthy baby and mom.
  • For Kristen as she takes her nursing exam, looks for an apartment and starts working at her new job.
  • For Christopher as he starts his second year of college at UCF next month.
  • Pray that groups of Phu Thai will be interested in hearing God’s message.
  • For our relationships with the villagers and village leadership.

Serving with New Tribes Mission – Thailand


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