Josh and Bethany

Please pray with us:

  • that we will be able to connect with Sandeep and to encourage him.  We place this relationship in God’s hands for His Glory!
  • that our Education Center will become a beacon of LIGHT in this area, a place where students can learn and encounter God.
  • for protection for our family, our teammates, and all the believers in this part of the world, that God would protect our family from any schemes our enemy has in mind and that He would uphold our covenant unity and guard our kid’s minds and hearts.

Serving with SIM

David and Rachael Powell

Pray for us, please, as we have discussions with our administrator, teachers, SAM-Peru’s Field Director, and others about how to address issues with IBEPA, the Amazon Night Bible Institute.  It is of very, very deep concern to us, which is why we have shared it with you at this time of uncertainty.

Serving with SAM – South America

Larry and Nancy Milks


  • Sarah and Nic’s August wedding.
  • Janie’s graduation from MSU.


  • Successful completion of the hotel contract for the Turkey SHARE conference in November.
  • For a good transition for Janie to her new program at Western Michigan University. Classes begin in July.
  • For preparation and plans being made for Sarah and Nic’s wedding.
  • For Sarah to find a full-time teaching job in Grand Rapids. She currently has a half-time position, but needs full-time work.

Serving with SEND International – Hungary

Panz and Nancy Alvares


Maguindanao (Muslim Filipinos) people will be translating Bible stories to their mother tongue. We are having a 5 week intense Oral Bible Story Training for them. Please pray for the people involved and all the other needs to complete this process.

Serving with Campus Crusade for Christ – FL

Chuck and Kristin


  • Please pray for us this week and for our business. We have received word that the government is becoming must stricter on business visas and they are holding our visas for review.
  • Chuck’s business would grow significantly, that people would hear about it and be willing to pay for his services and that we would have favor with the authorities and that they would approve our visa.
  • Pray that God would work miraculously in the lives of the people around us, that His Spirit would be working and that His Kingdom would come.

Serving with Pioneers


Steven & Kari Jo Shephard


  • Support. Praise God for the recent bump in our support level! As someone said to us, “92% is not 100%.” Pray that he will provide the last 8% quickly.
  • Pray for organization.  It is HARD to plan a 3 year move to a different continent. Pray for us to be able to efficiently organize and pack exactly what we need (no more, no less!) for the next term in Nigeria.
  • Visas.  The announcement that our visas are not to be renewed has caught us off-guard, but God knew what was coming. Pray for a resolution to this problem and renewed support of missions from the authorities. Pray that we and other missionaries facing expiration soon hear that our visas will be renewed again.
  • Families. While it is just the 5 of us who are moving to Nigeria, our move impacts much more than just us. Please be praying for our parents, siblings, and nephews/niece/cousins who have to adjust as well. Pray for their strength and for peace in their hearts over our move and prolonged distance from them. Pray that we can still maintain our relationships and connections through internet.

Serving with Serving in Mission – Nigeria

Jim & Carolyn Fasold

After 7 years of research and all the other steps involved in writing a book on hermeneutics (how to interpret Scripture), I am about 2 months away from sending the text to the publisher. That is no small matter, and I want to be as certain as I can be that what I are writing is absolutely true, accurately stated, and as clear as possible. Nothing short of excellence is acceptable.  Please continue praying because there are only 2 yards to go and that this book will be of great help and benefit to many Christian workers in Spain, Central and South America.

Serving with Greater Europe Mission –  Spain

Gordon and Pat Bennett


  • We have 51 graduates heading off into the future.


  1. Summer travels—That we will be able to plan well and be an encouragement to those we visit as well as a time of relaxation and refreshment.
  2. Gordon—I won’t be seeing my cardiologist until August.  I am still dealing with nerve pain.
  3. Pat—We are currently working on a plan to remove her from school hostess role by this fall semester.  Please pray the plan will work out.  Pat will then become my assistant in academic affairs.
  4. Student enrollment—We are praying for a full school this fall.  There are so many around the world that have no understanding of the Gospel of Grace.

Serving with New Tribes Mission – Jackson, MI

Sue Bauerle

Praise and Prayer:

1) My monthly financial needs have been higher. This is due to the higher cost of living in the US and in Senegal and I continue to pay rent and guards in Guinea. Thanks to a generous gift in December, I’ve had enough to meet my needs so far. Pray that God will continue to supply in the coming months.

2) Pray for my ESL students and for friendships with other Senegalese in my neighborhood.

3) Pray for continued good Skype connections so that I can talk with Daniel each week.

4) Pray for decisions we’re in the process of making for what each team member will do until we can return to Guinea.  Many are finishing their home assignments in the next couple of months.

5) Pray for a complete end to Ebola.

Serving with Serving in Mission – Guinea


  • Praise God for a great, 1-year, short-term team that is planning to join us on our new team in September of 2015. We would love for you to begin praying for God to provide the vision and direction our team needs for next year. Pray especially that we would be able to love one another, encourage one another, and walk with the Lord as we serve together next year.
  • Pray also that God would begin preparing the way for our family’s big upcoming move. Each day has more to do than we can get done and we don’t want to miss out on the best things while filling up our time with other Home Assignment responsibilities.
  • Pray that we would be able to do a better job carving out time for each other and time with the Lord during this hectic season of life.

Serving with Cru


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